March 29th - April 2nd 2018

2018 is a wondrous year for Galway regarding our love of food and the culture that goes with it. The European Region of Gastronomy programme will contribute to further growth in the economy in the Galway region and contribute to job creation across the various sectors of a yearlong programme of events of all types from support to businesses, to community celebration, from conferences to symposia work is already underway to deliver projects that will support the key focus areas and have a lasting legacy. For more info:

For this year's festival our theme is 'Planting Seeds', and of course it is about the origin of our food but also so much more. It's about planting the seeds of education and awareness; it's about planting the seeds of economic growth and development; it's about getting back to our roots.

There are over 100 food based events in this year's festival programme so there is definitely something for everyone. Enjoy the Galway Food festival 2018. Gailliamh abú!

Enjoy the festival
JP McMahon (Chairperson)