Harbour Hotel Galway

The Harbour Hotel with their waterfront location is right in the heart of the Galway City. Dining at the Harbour Hotel will never disappoint, thanks to Galway’s mild climate, clean seas, fertile soil... and yes, the rain too...

Galway has some of the best raw ingredients on this small island, and according to the Harbour Hotel “local rules”. You’ll eat seafood straight off the boat here in Galway with their Friends at Galway Bay Seafood’s just 100m from the Kitchen at the Harbour's restaurant Dillisk on the Docks.

We pride ourselves on choosing only the best dairy from local pasture and their Beef, lamb and pork raised within a few miles. Of all the places to eat in Galway, the Harbour Restaurant is one of the best Hotel restaurants in Galway City. A relaxed atmosphere with great food and excellent service

New Dock Road, Galway
091 894 800