WA CAFÉ is a lovely home welcoming cozy place run by a Japanese-Galwegian owner and located down on the Galway Docs. In WA CAFÉ, there is something to suit everyone from authentic Sushi to universal popular dish Ramen, Karaage Chicken etc...Using local ingredients and serving Authentic, Healthy and Well-balanced Japanese meals as good as you can find it in Japan, is WA CAFÉ’s passion.

All food, sauces and stocks are carefully made on the premises. The new menu includes Achill Island smoked mackerel sushi, Galway Bay prawn nigiri, Connemara miso soup with Mungo Murphy's seaweed, Toyota City Ramen, mama’s hand rice balls, market vegetables quick pickles etc…`Wa` means `harmony` in Japanese. Enjoy a taste of `harmony` of East and West, tradition and transition.

13 New Dock Street


091 895850

Paul Cotter

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